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April O'Neil is the Ninja Turtles' first human ally.


April is tomboyish, upbeat, sassy, quick-witted and adventurous, being much more louder and eager to throw some punches than her previous incarnations. She is also a lot more aggressive and is quick to jump into action, as she is more than willing to fray alongside the Turtles, even defeating enemies like Meat Sweats and Foot Recruit without their aid, showing that she also has more spunk, confidence and spirit. However, like most incarnations, April considers the Turtles as her little brothers, and acts like a cool big sister to them, being the oldest one out of the oldest of the bros, Raphael, by one year and is constantly bailing them out of bad situations and is best friends with Donatello. Though the Turtles do often try to help her save her after school jobs, it winds up to her getting fired more often than not. While she is battle ready, April is a compassionate and understanding woman, showing her heart to all those in need.

Like the 2012 version of her character, April is a teenager who attends high school, though it is implied that she is not very popular and is one of the weirdo kids at school, resulting in her not having many friends outside of the Turtles, which have left her desperate for friends that are seemingly normal. Although she later has a new friend, Sunita, who is revealed to be a slime Yokai and not as normal as she thought she was, April realizes that being normal is overrated anyway and comes to accept her status as a "weirdo".

April tends to be more responsible compared to the rest of the Mad Dogs, taking accountability for her actions and trying to heal harm she may have caused more often than them, but is still plenty immature.


  • This is the first time April O'Neil is officially portrayed as African-American, but not the first concept of April as African-American. The original Mirage comics TMNT April was inspired by a biracial woman Kevin Eastman once dated, and her ethnic appearance in early issues was ambiguous and in a state of flux, but was later more consistently portrayed with a Caucasian appearance. And Donnies girl friend. But in rottmnt they are portrayed as bestfreinds and hung out in “the purple jacket” “war of pizza” and “Donnie vs wicht town”